SIG SAUER produces pistols and rifles as well as matching accessories for private shooters, armies and special units in Germany and all around the globe.

Regardless of the user – the superior quality, the distinctive precision and reliability are valued by every user everywhere.

The company looks back proudly on its long tradition. When Lorenz Sauer founded his own weapons factory in 1751 in Suhl, Germany, his expertise and passion for products of the highest quality were the foundation of the philosophy of SIG SAUER today. Innovative products of remarkable quality quickly led to the standing SIG SAUER still has. Exactly 200 years later, J.P. Sauer & Sohn – the company had in the meantime been named after Lorenz Sauer’s son, Johann Paul, and grandson – moved to Eckernförde in northern Germany.

In the 1970´s the company cooperated with the Schweizerische Industriegesellschaft (SIG), which had a significant effect on the company´s brand: SIG SAUER was born. The company grew and so did the HQ, in which today over 150 employees fulfill the Sauer family´s legacy. The entire range of handguns and rifles are now being produced there. By the year 2000 J.P. Sauer and Sohn GmbH and other companies in the weapons industry such as Blaser, Mauser and SAN Swiss Arms from  Switzerland  became  part  of  what  is   now   L&O

Holding, leaders in the weapons industry. Another sister company is SIG SAUER, Inc. in the USA which today holds a leading position in the US firearms industry. More than 260 years after Lorenz Sauer made the first move by founding his own weapons factory, many things have changed at SIG SAUER, but some remain the same: The unparalleled quality in combination with a highly motivated team is exactly what professional shooters want – quality, precision and reliability.


Today more than 150 employees in Eckernförde (GER) fulfill the Sauer´s family legacy and give sophisticated shooters what they expect from SIG SAUER: Quality, precision and reliability.


The highest standards of quality are an inextricable part of the culture of our company. Since quality is crucial for the relationships with our customers, we constantly move the boundaries of what is possible. This is reflected in our certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


Our precision is the result of perfect coordination between weapon, optics, ammunition and training. That is why it is one of our core features. As an essential part of our quality standards, precision is one of the many assets all our products share in an uncompromising way – be it research, development, the production itself or our customer service.


You need to rely on your gear instinctively in every situation. Hence reliability is the third core element that makes our philosophy complete. Reliability is not only limited to our products, but also counts especially for us as your partner. Being a trustworthy advisor and innovation leader, we offer you solutions tailored to your needs – you can rely on us!
Headquarter Eckernförde

“Being the innovator in our business,
we are leading in terms of quality,
precision and reliability – always with
the focus on our customers.”

Tim Castagne,